Be Proud Monday!

Be Proud Monday

National Customer Service Week starts today! Below will be today’s theme and how you can participate to get a chance to win a prize :blush:

Monday’s theme is: BE PROUD

This theme represents the pride you hold closest to you. This could be supporting the LGBTQ+ community, breast cancer awareness, those who are or have served by protecting our country, or anything else. We want you to be proud of who you are! Celebrate your true self and share it with all of us.

Win a Prize: Share a pic of something you’re proud of in Teams or the Community site for your chance to win a prize!

I am proud of my country. Anyone can make it here! You can be another Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. You can be the President or a star! The US has gone from a tiny fledgling country to a superpower. We can be again if we work together. I hit rock bottom on welfare. I now am starting a business. My goal is financial independence for myself, of course, but I want to help others do the same.


There are SO many things I am proud of, but TODAY, I am proud of my San Francisco Giants winning their division - came down to the last game, but as a life-long Dodger Hater and being born in SF, I am surely proud today!!! @Santino Hector - - WOOT!


Proud to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community here with my wife. Coming out has been a lengthy process of self discovery and awareness, and then also has had quite a few struggles along the way. Proud that I get to be who I truly am, and don’t have to hide anything anymore. It’s a good feeling.

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