Happy Pet Month!

May is National Pet month!

Let’s celebrate all the Mural pets! How may you ask? We’ve got your back! Post a picture of your furry friend or scaly pal with a quick blurb about them (name, type of pet, how long you have had them, and any other great things about them). Upload your photo by clicking on the image button on the post or simply copy and paste your image into the message. At the end of the month, we will randomly select a photo submission for someone and their pet to get a $25 Chewy.com Gift Card! Happy Pet Month!

Here you will find a hilarious video I made of my 1 year old Boxer, Loki, Dancing and being goofy. Enjoy.


This is Amelia. She’s part Border Collie and all adorable! I got her on May 24, 2020. She was so scared. She didn’t even know how to play with toys. Now she loves her squeaky ladybug and tries to get me to play. She’s about 6 years old I think. She has just started watching TV.
.who is adorable pretty girl watching tv


My baby girls! Abby is a 4-year-old black lab and Sina is a 22-month-old German Shorthaired Pointer. From the time we brought Sina home (just after losing my 16.5-year-old lab/rottweiler), Abby and Sina have been inseparable! If ever we try to take one on a walk without the other, either one will throw a tantrum - literally barking, yelping, and crying as we go out the door (so we try to avoid even letting them see when we have to take the other to the vet!).
Abby loves to play fetch and will not stop until you do. Sina hunts every moving thing in our yard (and sadly, has been successful with many lizards and even a poor dove!). They both love food so are super easy to train to do tricks - even if carrots and lettuce are the rewards!
We have had both girls all but 9 weeks of each of their lives. Both turned out to be the runts of their litters and are abnormally small for their breeds (so much for getting a big dog - LOL!). They are sweethearts who bring joy (and much chaos) to our lives every day. #thankful



Blue and Rosie
IMG_3162.PNG IMG_3887


I have 3 dogs, Echo is a Pitbull/Queensland Heeler and is 7 years old, Apollo is a German Shorthaired Pointer and is almost 3 years old (is legitimately Cat Dutchers older brother, same parents but not same litter), and Journee who is a Golden Retriever and is 1 year old. 20200401_083504 20200428_161757 20210122_195903 20210122_200317 20210126_223727 20210203_143458 Snapchat-1192368497 Snapchat-1646141401


This is Mimi. She is really pretty, but not so smart. Here are some of her shining moments and a picture of the kitty belly.
Mimi 1 Mimi 2 Mimi 3


3 dogs! When did you get those guys collin?

Hello. This is Peepers, She’s going on 4 years and we have lots of fun together!!!

Peepers Intro2


This is Bella. She started out as a foster, but I loved her too much to let her go! 20210420_160122 20201125_084322 (1) 20201023_170355 (2)


We’ve always had the 2 but Journee was a covid puppy.

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Hi Everyone,

This is Pasa, which is Spanish for ‘raisin’ as he is a little wrinkly raisin. As you could probably already tell, Pasa is a Sphynx. Pasa is currently 7 weeks old and is still with his mother but I will be taking him home when he turns 14 weeks old. Here are a few pictures I have from when I visit him. Out of all the kittens, Pasa has the most energy and picks on all his brothers and sisters. Most of the pictures I have of him are just a blur as he’s too busy parkouring off his siblings but I was able to get a couple when he took a nap on me.


Whenever I mention I’m getting a Sphynx, the normal response I get is that the person is grossed out about the thought of a hairless cat. My goal with Pasa is to try my best to convert as many people that Sphynx are just as cute as any other cat. I hope these pictures help :blush:


Yay! You finally are getting your Pasa! I’m so happy for you, Esteban! And to coin a phrase I recently heard on some pet show, Pasa is so cugly!!! :heart:

you can drop the c in “cugly “ :joy:

This is my puppers Peanut!


shes a chiweenie but she likes to think shes a parrot


my daughter decided to put some doll glasses on her, thankfully peanut is super chill and just went with it lol



Here is Loki, our 17 YO Jack Russel:
Loki Use This One
Bella, this little girl is 15 now
Bella use this one
And Moco, our Cockatiel that we rescued about 2 years ago
All 3 are Rescues, and they are now our children, since our human kids have moved out… LOL

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This is my Siamese cat, Momo! :cat: She’s 2 years old and is a major princess. Follow her on Instagram @queen_momocha

Some honorable mentions, my family pets back home are Onyx and Eevee. Onyx is a ~1.5 year old Shih Tzu/Corgi puppy :dog: and Eevee is a 4 year old blue cream tabby cat :cat2:

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Just had to update. My Amelia just celebrated her birthday/Gotcha day.IMG_0438 IMG_0432 IMG_0439 IMG_0440

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Buddy the Superdog. Rescue Mutt. Buddy vs Kiki: Scent Wars 2 Final shot is of my perfect kitty Princess Kiki. Also a rescue. Buddy the Superdog at rest Buddy V Kiki Princess Kiki aka The Kikinator

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I love hairless kitties and those are so cute. My allergies prefer them as well. LOL

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