Happy Save Your Photos Month!

September is National Save Your Photos Month!

While you may not be able to protect your childhood toys or heirloom furniture, there is one thing you can protect from fires and natural disasters: your precious photos. This month, start creating a digital archive for your old family photographs by uploading them to the cloud or your favorite social media archive storage.

Want to win a $35 Shutterfly eGift card? Share the following 3 (work appropriate) photos here:
1. a baby picture of yourself
2. a picture of you in the middle of your life
3. a current picture of you

On September 27th, we will randomly select 4 people that have uploaded photos to win a $35 eGift card for Shutterfly.

Save your memories, share your memories!

Ok - here are my photos!! Where did ALL THAT HAIR GO???Dons2


My “I dont think so?” Face hasnt changed one bit in 32 years. Yes I just gave my age away, if you do the math!23930_101178876584928_8111373_n 23930_101178879918261_4230142_n 198889322_4153231778046264_3774833445464524762_n (2)

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Photography has been a huge huge part of my life. I grew up with a darkroom in my house and learned how to take pictures on a manual SLR when I was 11 years old. I’ve always loved film and still take photos with the same film camera.

baby me

My mom and me.

teenage me at Stonehenge

Teenage me at Stonehenge. This picture was taken with the film camera I mentioned above (getting a stranger to use a manual camera is a challenge) and developed in the darkroom by yours truly.

Comet and me

Me now with my fur baby, Comet.

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Here are my pictures. The middle isn’t quite middle (a bit younger), but I realized I don’t have many photos during that timeframe!

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My parents favorite baby pic



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1 2 3

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