Looking for a mechanic

My car is starting to overheat and I need a mechanic to take a look. Does anyone know one that will not rip me off?

Hi, Maggie! I use my dealership (Nissan), but my in-laws really like their mechanic at My Mechanic: https://mymechanicarizona.com/
I hope this helps!

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Everything helps! Thanks Cat!

HI Maggie! I live on the north side, I am not sure what side of town you are on, but up in Oro Valley is ORO VALLEY AUTOMOTIVE and their owners name is Jeremy, after your first time there he will remember your first name :slight_smile: Also their number is 520.498.2293 and their website is https://www.orovalleyautomotive.com/. Best of luck

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I know I’m super late to respond. I just discovered the Community site is here… a place called Calypso Automotive has been recommended to me before. I couldn’t take my car there because they don’t do European imports but they suggested Stuttgart Automotive and they were great. They fixed my AC for half of what was originally quoted to me and they followed up with me after it was fixed to make sure I was good to go. They also have a dog friendly workplace which means they’re good people in my opinion.