Pet/Plant Tuesday!


National Customer Service Week continues with today’s theme being PETS/PLANTS Tuesday!

Win a Prize: Share pictures of your furry or leafy work from home colleagues in Teams or here in this Community post and you could win a prize!

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To celebrate the Pet part of the day, I’ll show off our three cats! Top pic is of Lucas, just over 2 years old now, and completely bonded with my wife - loves her, doesn’t really like me. That’s ok.

Our blonde cat, Xanthias, loves us both, but does tend to follow me from room to room and helps me here at work frequently. He’s older, about 13 now, and a total sweetheart.

The third one, and our other black cat (we love them, they’re not scary at all or any bad luck!) is Meescha, who’s about 7 now. She’s the most jealous cat in the world, if anyone else is getting attention, she will come up and demand attention too.

Love pets, let’s see some more!

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Here is my darling Kiwi. She is 3. She follows me everywhere and hangs out while I work.



Here are my three fur babies. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My post my picture on Teams but for those who may have missed him. Here is my baby, he is a 6 month old Sphynx named Pasa, which is Spanish for raisin because he’s a wrinkly little boy :blush:

The top two pictures is him annoyed with me because either I put a hat on him or placed him in a harness.


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Buddy1 Buddy the Super Dog

KiKi1 Kiki Aka Mama Aka Purfect Kitty Aka Princess

Drako1 Drako the Floppy Dog